Who We Are

Common Table Health Alliance (CTHA) is a community-based, nonprofit, regional healthcare improvement collaborative serving 1.3 million people in the Greater Memphis metropolitan area. CTHA engages community partners, including organizations, coalitions, schools, churches, government agencies and individuals who are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our region. We have built a brand as a neutral and unique organization by gathering people around a “common table” and creating conversations that generate regional change. Our approach is to galvanize the collective strength of the community to achieve the greater good.

Our History

In the spring of 2000, a public benefit corporation, the Justice in Health Care Foundation, was formed to encourage people working together to improve health and healthcare systems in the Greater Memphis area. It was created by a group of passionate health and health care advocates at one of the volunteers' kitchen table.

In 2003, this non-profit organization became the Healthy Memphis Common Table (HMCT), and focused its energies on building community-wide collaboration for population health, health equity, and improving the health care delivery systems of care. Local leaders requested HMCT coordinate the local health improvement activities for the entire Memphis community, due to our neutral and trusted role as a convener and collaborator.

In 2009, HMCT hired its first Executive Director. In 2014, Healthy Memphis Common Table changed its name to Common Table Health Alliance (CTHA) in an effort to increase its geographical footprint in the Mid-South and to form greater regional and national partnerships. In 2016, CTHA hired its current Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Barry-Lewis Harris II, to lead the next chapter of the Common Table.



        Why Our Work Is Critical

Poor health status and chronic disease are affected by adverse life experiences, lack of knowledge and understanding, restricted financial resources, inadequate quality food options, limited physical activity and inequities in primary care access.

    Our Cross-Cutting Strategies

Convene stakeholders around health and health care issues to improve long-term health outcomes


Advocate for policy, environmental and systems changes that improve community health and well-being


Document and report program outcomes, best practices and improvement opportunities using data analytics


Serve adversely-affected populations through education and awareness to inspire and change behavior

                   Our Values