Preferred Choice

Common Table Health Alliance has been on the forefront of a community-wide campaign to address childhood and family obesity. In partnership with the Memphis Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Common Table Health Alliance established the Preferred Choice Program to facilitate a better, smarter way for consumers and the food and beverage industry to think about healthier menu options.

The goal of the program is to support the creation of a network of restaurants and caterers who adopt and implement policies that reduce the caloric value of food.



Aryen.jpgPreferred Choice Caterer Aryen-Moore Alston

The Preferred Choice Program will:

  • Enable consumers to make informed decisions about the food and beverage choices they make

  • Distinguish restaurants and caterers as businesses that offer menu labeling, choices for reduced portion sizes and healthier menu items with a caloric value below 500

  • Raise the visibility and exposure of Preferred Choice restaurants and caterers among Common Table Health Alliance community partners

Preferred Choice caterers and restaurants will adopt the following:

  • Menu labeling with serving size and calorie count
  • Reduced portion sizes to limit overeating
  • Better, smarter menu options with 500 calories or less

How you can help:

The Common Table is looking for 10 restaurants and caterers to be early adopters of the Preferred Choice Program. Contact CTHA with your list of preferred caterers who use a low-calorie approach to their menu offerings.