Memphis Breast Cancer Consortium

The mission of the Memphis Breast Cancer Consortium (MBCC) is to bring together organizations and individuals committed to the fight against breast cancer inequalities in Memphis and Shelby County.  The Consortium, whose administrative home is Common Table Health Alliance, is made up of key stakeholders in Memphis and its initiation and initial programs are being funded in part by AVON Breast Cancer Crusade and Genentech, Inc.

Program Goals:

Memphis has the highest rate of disparities among Black women.  These women die two times the rate of White women.  The National Avon study done in 2014 noted this trend in Memphis as the worst of 40 large cities and has doubled in the disparity gap over the last 25 years. Funding from AVON Breast Cancer Crusade will provide resources to:

  • Reduce Breast Cancer related mortality disparity rates of Black women by 2%
  • Increase the number of underserved and Black women receiving screening mammograms and treatment in targeted low income zip codes by 5%
  • Provide a consistent, unified forum for collaboration among all breast cancer survivor groups and supporting stakeholders. 

MBCC Program Presentation from the 2016 Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade (click to enlarge)

MBCC's Approach:

We will engage funding partners and policy makers to address the disparity gap. Action teams have been formulated to address the following areas concerning:

Awareness: Coordinated community, grassroots campaign to provide breast cancer information via social media, websites, call centers, TV, print ads, outdoor billboards and bus wraps, digital banners, and community events (LIVE! As We Are)

Mammography capacity: gather baseline data on all mammography facilities, staff, hours of operation, types of machines used, and types of services offered; disseminate this information to the community.

Treatment capacity: provide complete information about hospitals, medical facilities, doctors, and medical equipment

Care process: providing accurate consistent information while connecting patients to compassionate, personalized comprehensive care.

Policy:  shape breast cancer public policy by participating in legislative, scientific, and regulatory decisions; promoting critical analysis of breast cancer information and media coverage; and actively working to change all systems that impact disparities.

Quality Care: increase access to all; provide information outlining how your breast cancer should be treated, how you should be cared for during and after treatment. 

Partner Organizations:

Partnership alignment is key in providing the foundation of building multi-stakeholder engagement while producing a consensus community plan to reduce health disparities. The MBCC brings together various leaders in the community. Our 31 member organizations represent a cross section of survivor groups, health systems, consumers, providers, business leaders, advocates, research groups, and funders to partner on collective efforts to reduce disparities in mortality rates of Black women who are diagnosed with breast cancer in Memphis and Shelby County.    



For more information, contact:    

 Carla Baker, RN
 (901) 684-6011 ext. 21204

                     MBCC In The News!

MBCC has received a high level of visibility and exposure recently in various media outlets due to the efforts of CTHA, MBCC members and Sister Pact. Click the links below to view our exciting media coverage!

LIVE! Breast Cancer Summit set for February 3

Memphis Health & Fitness Magazine:Sister Pact Provides Breast Health for ALL Women

Good Health Memphis Magazine:The Black and White Truth: Tackling Breast Cancer Mortality Rates

Click here to view the list of 31 MBCC member 


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MBCC Informational


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Power Point Presentation
from the 2016 Avon Forum:  Ensuring Quality and Equity
in Breast Cancer Care

Increasing Breast Cancer Survival Among Black Women Sister Pact segment on WREG TV Live at 9 - October 18, 2016 (click to view)

MBCC's Medical Advisory Panel

(Standing from left) Dr. Alyssa Throckmorton, Baptist Memorial Health Care, Dr. Ralph Taylor, Complete Health Care Center, Renee Frazier, Common Table Health Alliance, Dr. Susan Nelson, Church Health, Dr. Lynn Gayden, Baptist Memorial Health Care, Ariel Thomas, Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force, Jeremy Sanders, Common Table Health Alliance.

(Seated from left) Dr. Anne Marie Murphy, Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force, Dr. Terri Carpenter, Carpenter Primary Health Care, Veronyca Washington, Common Table Health Alliance. (Not pictured) Dr. Kurt Tauer, West Clinic, Dr. Linda Hodgkiss, Methodist Healthcare, Dr. Martha Tibbs, St. Francis Hospital


Over 600 women atteneded the 2nd Annual Live! Just As We Are Breast Cancer Summit on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at Temple of Deliverance


Common Table Health Alliance's Sister Pact Outreach Strategies Presentation (click on image)


Mid-South women proudly displaying their Sister Pact bags


Quality Assessment Initiative

MBCC is conducting an assessment of mammography processes and practices in Memphis and Shelby County to reduce breast cancer disparities. Our quality improvement efforts will improve patient experience and help patients better navigate breast health care from primary care to screening, diagnosis, and treatment.


Participating facilities will be offered interventions to address any quality deficits, including Mammography Technologist training, Breast Imaging Team Education and/or quality improvement activities, such as Rapid Cycle improvements.